Why BeeWell?

Founded and created by healthcare professionals, BeeWell works to improve how patients engage with their care. We fully understand the challenges, opportunities, and demands the current healthcare system places on providers, administrators, payors, and patients. BeeWell apps are custom built for each of our clients to streamline patient education, improve patient satisfaction and compliance, and decrease costs of existing processes.


We believe a person’s provider is the trusted and best source of guidance and information to improve health and wellness.

We strive to simplify the sharing of knowledge between providers and their patients.

We utilize technology to enhance, not distract from, the patient-provider relationship.

The BeeWell Advantage

Confused Patient

Research shows that almost half of patients (47%) report that they do not receive clear information about their care. Other research shows that patients forget up to 80% of the information they are told by their health professional and of what is remembered, almost half of that is incorrect. It should be no surprise that we all struggle, patients and providers alike, with patient compliance.


BeeWell works with you to map your care processes, which becomes the core of your easy to follow mobile app. This app is your patients’ reference guide, facilitating opportunities for education, shared decision making, and direct linkage to resources (like your patient portal) when they are most relevant to the patient. The app brings information to life with the use of internet links, embedded images, and videos, which improve patient understanding by 66% over written materials alone.


We are very interested in working with you to build your own interactive guide for your patients. Our commitment to providing ongoing and increasing value to you is reflected in everything we do so you are never under any obligation to continue services if you are dissatisfied. Feel free to call, email or send a contact request and we’ll walk you through an app. We look forward to hearing from you.

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