App Solution

The relationship between the patient and their provider is an essential component of patient engagement. Providers are required to do more and more on a daily basis leaving them less time to spend with patients. Limited time with the provider means that patients often turn to the Internet in search of information and guidance with regards to their health. Unfortunately, the Internet, although a wealth of information, often leaves patients even more confused and misguided. BeeWell realizes that the best source of clarity for any patient is their own healthcare provider. BeeWell offers patient guide apps that enhance this important relationship and simplifies the sharing of information.

Patient Guide App

You most likely have a wide variety of patient education materials, handouts, forms, and other content which is provided through printed documents and your website. By organizing your existing content into a logical flow of information in a mobile app, patients always have your information at hand when it is most needed. Our team of nurse navigators, healthcare professionals, and designers make the building process simple.


We begin by understanding your current operational and clinical processes. Our team of designers customize the appearance and flow of the app by first defining a clear and concise framework, or blueprint, for development. At the conclusion of this step you will have a style guide, the blueprint, and a clear idea of what the finished product will look like.

Setting a Timeline

By outlining the process from the initial concept through development we work with you to set specific deadlines guaranteeing a successful launch. The timeframe will outline key development dates ensuring we not only complete your app with in the desired time, but also meet your expectations.

Design and Development

With the blueprint and timeline in place we begin the design process. This includes mapping out the user experience to ensure the usability and accessibility of the app is simple for the patient. We then focus on user interface design to balance appearance with functionality. Our designers work to anticipate what your patients will need throughout the app and bring together all your assets and graphic elements to create a functional and attractive app.


Our team works with you to ensure a successful launch by providing collateral materials and customer support. These materials include formatted email templates, hyperlinks to the app stores, handouts for your waiting room or lobby, and digital materials that can be used on your waiting area television. The fully developed and tested app will be published in the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play store so your patients can download for free.

Maintenance and Updates

Unlike other apps, your BeeWell Patient Guide app can be easily updated and improved. Existing pages within your app can be updated at any time, without additional cost. We are committed to a 48-business hour turnaround time for updates to existing pages that don’t require formatting (images, minor text, hyperlink changes, etc.). For additional content or significant changes requiring formatting we provide a quick turnaround after approval of a change order.

Social Media Solution

Social Media has become an essential way many of us communicate, share information, and seek out opinions. This evolving trend is putting more pressure on healthcare providers to participate in social media. Over 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health. 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility.  BeeWell Social Media platform simplifies posting and managing for all sizes of healthcare organizations.

Single sign-on posting

Post simultaneously to all your social media feeds from one location including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We simplify management and posting of content whether you are an independent practice or managing posting for many locations.

Multi-level posting

For large organizations with multiple service lines and various locations, we provide a simple way to streamline your messaging and brand by providing an avenue for individual offices and providers to post. For example, a post on Facebook creates a post at the health system level, the hospital level, and at the individual practice level, each appearing as if was originated by the corresponding level.

Automatic posting

We provide professionally written content that can be posted automatically to your social media accounts. Twice a week, posts designed to generate, “likes,” “shares,” and “views” are scheduled to post to your account during peak hours of social media utilization. This option can be turned off and content selected manually if you prefer.

Your own blog site

A common error made on social media is to inadvertently direct followers away from your website to other media outlets or websites, maybe even your competition. With BeeWell, all of your posts link back to your own branded blog site where all of your social media posts are listed.